CG Company Schoonmaak & Huis Ontruiming | FAÇADE CLEANING
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Make your building to glow once more.


Does the façade of your building have a graffiti on it? Or is there masonry because of maintenance? The facades of buildings are sensitive to pollution from the atmosphere, which can cause your building to appear abandoned.


We clean and preserve masonry, concrete facades, aluminium or synthetic elements, replace graffiti and apply a coating to the facade to protect it from the next “graffiti art”.


CG Company can do the job for you. We use as much eco friendly cleaning products as possible, for example by using the hot water technique.

About our high-pressure machines

The cleaning high-pressure machines of CG Company are used for many cleaning jobs like cleaning of pavemend, loading pits, concrete retaining walls, noise barriers. graffiti, etc. When pressure by itself is not adequate, high pressure and steam are used, at temperatures of up to 150 ˚C.